Friday, 30 August 2013

Save Time and Money on Business Travel: The MYOB Show

Today's MYOB Travel show is turning the travel show genre on it's head as we discover the best ways to reduce business travel.

We love to travel here at The MYOB Show! However the financial and environmental cost of travel (especially unnecessary travel) is becoming more expensive with each hike it ticket and fuel price!

On today's show we discover how to save time and money by reducing unnecessary travel.

Can you do business over the internet?
 Who's on the show?


Guest: Jennifer Atkinson Dip PR, MCIPR –  Directing communication activities and external relations for ClimateNE.

Presenter:  Dom O'Neill – A long time freelancer in the UK broadcasting industries and a man who hates to waste time and money on needless travel.

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Why listen?

In your business life you will no doubt need to travel for work (that will also include those of us who work from home).
With travel costs rising at a steady rate (usually above inflation), it pays to reduce business travel and maximise every trip you take.
Love to (or need to) travel? Hate to be ripped off at the pump and at the ticket office? Want to find out how to save your time and money?

You need to listen to The MYOB Show On-Demand!

I hope this info helps.

Want to know more?

You can find out loads of useful and interesting money saving travel tips (free of charge) via The MYOB Show travel blogs , Deals blog and Podcasts.

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Dom O'Neill

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