Thursday, 29 August 2013

Want to break into the film and TV industries?

Making your own and collaborating with others on short films is a great way to gain experience in the media industry. Plus it gives you first hand experience of working with others in a crew situation.

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If you have no funding, how do you find crew to work on your short film? 

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 This week I was sent a very interesting email from Northern Film and Media about a Facbook group which has been set up to help new film makers create low to no budget short films.

What is the group?

In a bid to help productions with a low or no budget the Facebook group for low & no budget film makers has been set up.

"If you are involved in low to no budget film making or are interested in working on one for experience or credit please feel free to join. 

I know not everyone approves of unpaid work - if you don't approve then this group is not for you!" 

- Northern Film and Media

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Should I work for free?

If  you love to create content. If you don't mind mucking in on fun creative projects. Plus you want some first hand experience of the film industry and short films this group could be for you.

Always look after yourself when working for free! Don't get taken for a ride. If everyone is working for free on a non-commercial project or you are being properly trained, looked after and gaining valuable experience: working for free can be a great opportunity.

If you want more info on protecting your self while working for free check out The MYOB Show below.

I hope this info helps.

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