Monday, 21 October 2013

How to Create an Online TV Show - The MYOB Show

Love to be in front of the camera? Got a great TV show idea? not sure how to make it a reality? Why not create and online TV show? you never know who may watch it?

why not put yourself or you ideas in the picture

On The MYOB Show today we asks the question, how do you create your own online TV show? 

In the Pre-digital age creating your own TV series would be a costly, time consuming and pretty much impossible without an experienced crew around you.

These days creating your own TV styles series has never been easier, cheaper and more accessible  If you have a great idea, a love for what you do and access to reasonable kit you too can create your own online series. 

Who's on the show?

Guest: Kevin Devine

"Currently Kevin is launching an exciting online project called 'Devine Encounters', a series of Celebrity interviews in Soho, London. As celebrities go about their everyday business in the heart of the Capital, he will surprise them for a quick fire interview to catch them on the hop, in the nicest possible way." 

Presenter: Dom O'Neill 

MA and BA (Hon) Radio and media graduate with 10 years experience working freelance in the UK broadcast industry.

Why listen?

With the success of sites such as youtube and the low price of good quality digital HD kit, it has never been easier and cheaper to create TV shows and broadcast them online. 

Do you have an idea for a show which you think the world will love? These days it's only you, your enthusiasm and your creativity stopping you. If you want producers and commissioners to pick up your show? It's much to say no to an idea which is a finished product and already has an audience.

On The MYOB Show we chat to a media professional who has turned to the internet as a useful platform to showcase his skills. We find out why he decided to turn to the online, on-demand, digital world? How he came up with his idea? And how he gets the content to his audience?

Want to make it in the online TV content market, find out how the pros do it...

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I hope this info helps.

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