Monday, 7 October 2013

The Guide to ePublishing Success - The MYOB Show

On The MYOB Show today we discover how to succeed in the new and ever changing world of online self ePublishing.

Have you have ever dreamed of becoming a writer? 

ePublishing is dragging writing
into the 21st century
Penning your first novel has never been easier, cheaper and more accessible to do, thanks to the online digital revolution. With help from our expert guest we find out how to create your own eBook, how to market it and we discover what issues you should plan to avoid.

Who’s on the show?

Guest: Lee Bullen

Joining us via Skype is Lee Bullen an author and illustrator who successfully self published the eBook Beset. Lee has been there, done that and succeeded to get to the other of self publishing online. Lee is a writer, dad and long serving ex-pat living and working on the beautiful island of Tenerife?

Presenter: Dom O'Neill

MA and BA (Hon) Radio and media graduate with an 10 years experience working freelance in the UK broadcast industry.

Why listen?

Back in the day to get a book published you needed an upfront book deal, a costly self publishing project or to run down the mine field of vanity publishing.

Why pay to print when you can publish to
table, smart phone and computer for free?

Nowadays there’s so many more option for those who us not lucky enough to get that lucrative book deal up front.

Self publishing is becoming easier and cheaper then ever. However is the ePublishing market the gold mine it appears to be?

On the show today we find out how to ePublish, we discover the pitfalls of the business and what you need to think about before you create your 1st eBook.

Find out the steps to success...

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Dom O'Neill

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