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Am I a Creative - The MYOB Show

Do you perform, create or produce creative content or works of art?
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 Do you make your money “else where” and do your creative projects for the love of it? On today’s The MYOB Show we find out whether you need to make money out of what your love for it to be your career?

Who’s on the show?

Guest: Victoria Watson - 

Award winning author, who set up Elementary V Watson - a proofreading and copywriting business. Victoria helps writers, students and businesses in the UK, US and Australia with copywriting issues plus finds the time to conducts one-to-one tutorials and run two writing groups.

Producer: Alistair Goodier – 

Currently studying a Masters Degree in Radio Production (& Management) at the University of Sunderland.

Presenter: Dom O’Neill - 

With a Master of Arts in Radio Production (& Management) and a BA (Hon) Degree in Media Production plus 10 years experience in the broadcast industries in the UK - Dom knows how to survive and succeed in the creative freelance world.

Why listen?

Today we discover why it pays to have multiple incomes, employers and skills when you want to make it in the post recession creative industry.

We find out why you need to big up your skills and share the love of what you do. Plus Dom and guest give their insight into how perceptions and working practices have changed and how you can make the most of the new digital creative industry.

Want to find out why you may be more of a success then you think?!

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I hope this info helps.

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Dom O'Neill

What is The MYOB Show?

The Mind Your Own Business Show (MYOB Show) is here to help you live the dream! We are the most honest and realistic show dedicated to giving you all the info you need to succeed in your career in the arts, media and creative industries. MYOB Show is on the radio & online as an on-demand radio programme or Podcast. The show is full of useful tips, discussions and information to help folk like yourself adjust to life after the 9-5.

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