Monday, 20 January 2014

Business Tip of the Week No. 1

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Tip 1: Get familiar with life after the 9 – 5 

Our Guest blogger: Ed O'Neill MD of NE Language Project

The Rigid Work Schedule

Being self-employed or freelance means that you are ‘free’ to plan when you work. This can either be great for people who need the freedom to plan what they do during the day, or it can be a nightmare for people who need a structure to their day. 

Good News

Both types of people can thrive but it takes time, especially if you have been conditioned to working a set schedule from the education system or previous employment. Give yourself time to adjust to life after the 9 to 5.

How do you Benefit?

Most of western society is geared towards people who work a rigid 9-5 schedule. So outside these times public facilities are overly crowded. Use your new found freedom during the normal work day. You can schedule doctor’s appointments, visit the gym/swimming pool and there’ll be nobody there, go for a meal at a nice restaurant. Some gyms and restaurants actually give you a discount for not visiting during ‘peak times’ so you can save money and have free time during the day. Go for a walk in the park without the throng of the masses, you have the power to plan your work day, wield that power!

Guest Blog by Ed O'Neill

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