Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A Quality Talk Radio Show Your Audience Will Love!

Need a quality British talk Radio show or Podcast for your radio station or website? The MYOB Show can help!
Listen to The MYOB Show at

What is the MYOB Show?

Got loads of student debt? Can't find a job? Want a creative career which offers you more thn the 9 to 5 can offer? Then you need to listen to The MYOB Show!

The show takes an engaging, entertaining, humorous and always topical look at creative careers, digital technology, small business and the ever changing world of freelance and self employed life. Dom is joined weekly by experts in their field who are more than happy to share their extensive knowledge.

The Show is split in to 4 parts dealing with: small business / start up advice, creative career tips, budget travel ideas and Health.
The shows presenter and creator is Dom O’Neill MA BA (Hon) who has an impressive media career to date, specialising in TV light entertainment and talk radio. His diverse career includes crew credits on Comic Relief Does Glee Club, Mrs Browns Boys, The Weakest Link, Lazytown Extra, Lip Service, Tonight’s The Night, Copycats and many more.

Dom has worked with some of the most talented names (and some utter horrors too) in the media world and has picked up years of knowledge along the way. Dom has made a career out of succeeding as a freelancer in the digital creative world. As a result of his experience and knowledge Dom has created The MYOB Show!

The success of the show comes from the fact that it’s made by creative folk for creative folk.
The MYOB Show is aimed at the growing number of self employed, freelance, zero hours contractors, second jobbers, and home workers in the UK. We are here to help them live the dream!
“Figures by Kingston University and the PCG show that the number of freelancers in the UK now totals 1.56 million – the equivalent to 1 in 20 in the UK workforce”  -

“The TUC analysis of unpublished data from the Labour Force Survey shows that just over four million employees usually worked at home in 2012”  -

Those numbers show freelancers, self employed people and home workers are a large part of your community and a huge community of potential listeners which mainstream media doesn’t cater for.

That’s why The MYOB Show is here:

The MYOB Show is here to help stations serve the growing self employed and freelance community. With useful tips, discussions and information to help folk adjust to life after the 9-5.

The UK is officially out of recession however life is still tough for many people in the community. At the end of the day, by broadcasting The MYOB Show you'll be helping your listeners take their minds off of the circumstances they're in and plan to build a better career and financial future for themselves.

Want to hear an MP3 example of the programme? Below is a link to where you can sample the show.

If you want to broadcast the show get in touch and we’ll sort out the rest. If you have any questions please feel DM or email me personally via the contact details below.

Many thanks for your time.

Dom O'Neill

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