Monday, 3 March 2014

Business Tip of the Week No. 7

This is the 7th blog in our series of 10 excellent guest blogs every Monday here on The MYOB Show blog. The series of blogs are written by Ed O'Neill - a successful business man and MD of NE Language Project

Tip No. 7: Have interests and hobbies away from work

Be honest
Hands up if you think about your work 24/7? If you are freelance or own a business it is pretty much impossible not to, in fact, if you don’t you may be missing out – imagine, the next big customer may be trying to get through on the phone while you’re in the bath. Sometimes it feels impossible to get away from it. 

Hobbies help

Having a hobby, entirely unrelated to your work can be a way of switching off, if only for a few minutes. I go running and I don’t take any mobile phones or electronic devices whatsoever, just me and the wilderness. Whatever your hobby, indulge whenever you can and leave your mobile switched off!
Blog by ED O'Neill MD of NE Language Project.

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