Monday, 17 March 2014

Business Tip of the Week No. 9

This is the 3rd blog in our series of 10 excellent guest blogs every Monday here on The MYOB Show blog. The series of blogs are written by Ed O'Neill - a successful business man and MD of NE Language Project.

Tip No. 9: Be and think positive

Don't worry... be happy

Although rather trite and overused, this is actually one of the features that separates successful people from ‘the masses’. The ability to be and think positive. Every situation is the perfect opportunity to learn, people learn from mistakes so if something bad happens a positive attitude will not only stop it from happening again but may also be enough to rescue the situation entirely.

Find Positivity

Being and thinking positive will either come naturally to you or will be extremely difficult to master. Over 3 quarters of people are naturally pessimistic and will never truly be able to ‘be’ positive, even if they struggle to learn how to ‘think’ positive. Positivity is something you have to ‘feel’ inside.

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 Blog by ED O'Neill MD of NE Language Project.

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