Tuesday, 25 March 2014

How Do I Upload a Podcast or OnDemand Radio Show

Now your Podcast, download or radio show is slick, professionally recorded and you are ready for the world to hear what you have to say - On today's The MYOB Show we discover all you need to know  before you successfully upload and distribute your Podcast.

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 Today the show is Presented by Dom O'Neill

Dom O’Neill MA BA (Hon) is an expert in online broadcasting and creating OnDemand Content. Dom also who has an impressive media career to date, specialising in TV light entertainment and talk radio. 

Dom has worked with some of the most talented names (and some utter horrors too) in the media world and has picked up years of knowledge along the way. Dom has made a career out of succeeding as a freelancer in the digital creative world. As a result of his experience and knowledge Dom has created The Tuesday Chew, The Week That was and of course
The MYOB Show,!

Dom is joined in the studio by Producer Alistair Goodier

Alistair Goodier is a former Radio Tyneside daytime presenter, a producer on The MYOB Show, a Breakfast Show host Head of News at Summit Radio and a lover of online broadcasting and talk radio. Before moving to Chamonix Alistair completed a Masters in Radio Production and Management at Sunderland University where he developed speech content at a community radio station in the North East of England, taking speech content from 5% to 30% of all total output.

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What is The MYOB Show?

The MYOB Show is the UK’s newest and most honest talk radio show giving creative small businesses and freelancers free advice on how to succeed in the digital world.

The MYOB Show is here to help you live the dream! On the radio as a talk radio show & online as a Podcast.

It’s the one stop shop for those who want to make the most out of their lives. With useful tips, discussions and information to help folk discover that life is more than 9 to 5.

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We have loads of really useful blogs, radio shows and Podcasts via our web site at myobshow.com.

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Take care,

Dom O'Neill

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