Monday, 24 March 2014

The Art of Goal Setting and Succeeding

On The MYOB Show this week we discover how to set goals and successfully achieve them. We'll find out why you need to set goal, why you need to stay focused and how we pick ourselves up when plans change and life takes us in a different direction.

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 Today's guest is Dave Algeo - The Stressed Guru.

Dave is an expert in the field of stress and performing under pressure.

With a passion for helping individuals, teams and organisations harness stress and improve performance at all levels, His 'Stress CPR' programmes and workshops, are helping organisations maximise staff potential and engagement, improving team performance, and raising staff motivation, well being and achievement.

A policing background of 20 years, 12 of which working as a manager in both the police operational, community and project management fields, means Dave has gained an exceptional grounding in the realities of stress management, leadership and performing under pressure.

Presenter Dom O'Neill

The shows presenter and creator is Dom O’Neill MA BA (Hon) who has an impressive media career to date, specialising in TV light entertainment and talk radio. His diverse career includes crew credits on Comic Relief Does Glee Club, Mrs Browns Boys, The Weakest Link, Lazytown Extra, Lip Service, Tonight’s The Night, Copycats and many more.

Dom has worked with some of the most talented names (and some utter horrors too) in the media world and has picked up years of knowledge along the way. Dom has made a career out of succeeding as a freelancer in the digital creative world. As a result of his experience and knowledge Dom has created The MYOB Show!

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Sponsored by MYOB Media Training

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What is The MYOB Show?

The MYOB Show is a British Podcast and talk radio show giving creative small businesses, self employed folk and freelancers expert advice on how to succeed in the digital world.

The MYOB Show is here to help you discover life is more than the 9 to 5! On the radio as a talk radio show & online as a Podcast.

It’s the one stop shop for those who want to make the most out of their lives. With useful tips, discussions and information to help folk get the most out of their creative careers.

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