Thursday, 27 March 2014

Why it Pays to Travel at Night

Those of us who don't work the 9 to 5 can save loads of money traveling at night. If you love to travel but need to do it on a budget - today's show is a must listen! On The MYOB Show we discover how to make traveling at night work better for you and your wallet. However it's not a bed of roses and on today's show we learn what you need to succeed before you travel at night.
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Today's Guest is travel lover and business man Ed O'Neill

Ed has traveled round Europe on a budget many times. He has a round the world trip under his belt. Plus he has spent time living in France, Spain, Russia and Poland. So he's a man well used to traving, living out of a suitcase and saving cash on trips abroad.

The shows presenter and creator is Dom O’Neill MA BA (Hon) 

Dom has an impressive media career to date, specialising in TV light entertainment and talk radio. When not creating quality online and OnDemand content Dom's happiest when away from the office and seeing the world. Plus Dom loves to get a bargain everywhere he travels. If you love to travel and save money then today's programme is a must listen show!

Listen to The MYOB Show - UK Talk Radio
Sponsored by MYOB Media Training

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