Friday, 31 October 2014

Dom's Tip of The Week - 31.10.2014

If you are a Podcaster, video blogger, YouTuber, journalist or radio presenter here are my 3 tips to starting a professional interview.

You have between 7 to 20 seconds to persuade people to listen to or watch your content...

So you need to start any interview professionally, interestingly and efficiently...

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 My top tips:

1. Introduce yourself – short, sharp and top the point. Pointing out why you are worth investing time in.

2. The headline: Explain what the feature is about, and most importantly why we (the audience) should listen! Keep it snappy! Remember you only have 7 to 20 seconds to convince someone to watch your video before they decide to watch something else.

3. Introduce your guests and mention any related facts about them which could be relevant to the interview.

Points 1 and 3 give the listener context about who they are listening to and the validity of the facts or arguments they are about to give.

Point 2 gives the audience context to what the feature will be about – remember to hint to and conflict, suspense or jeopardy which may happen in the show.

Plus tease out any interesting features, competitions or listener engagement which may be coming up in the show.

Now you know how to make your content and keep you audience.

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