Friday, 31 October 2014

The MYOB Show - for week ending 31.10.14

On this weeks The MYOB Show

Is it time to say bye to Facebook and hello to ello?

Are we selling our data too cheap?

Forget SKART HDMI may dead before you know it?

Plus I have my top tips for how to start a professional broadcast quality interview to make sure you don't loose your audience in the vital 1st few seconds.
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  The show is presented by Dom O'Neill a creative business man and talk radio host. Dom has over 10 year experience working in the broadcast media and received a Masters Degree in Radio Production and Management from The University of Sunderland in 2012. 
 What is The MYOB Show? The MYOB Show is the UK’s newest and most honest talk radio show giving creative small businesses and freelancers free advice on how to succeed in the digital world.
Story 1: 

Are you sick of being bombarded by online ads? Do you worry about what free web sites (and services) are doing with you data? Or are you simply sick of ads on Facebook using up you precious data allowance?

If so, then you need to say bye to Facebook and hello to Ello.

What's the story...

Ello is a new advert free social network like Facebook...

The beauty is it is free to use and will not now and according to a new charter will not ever make money out of your selling data and selling advert space

So if you love it online, love to interact with others but don't like the idea of big brother selling your data then this could be the social media platform for you...

As we have learnt from the past when it comes to new platforms it pays to get in early.

Story 2:

We are asked questions, pushed to like, endorse, share and rate all day long online.

However it has got to the point now where some in the industry are asking if we are selling our personal data for far less than it's worth.

According to - “The data market, “could be worth a trillion dollars by 2020”

“When YouTube was acquired by Google in 2006 it valued each user at around $20 dollars. By 2012 when Instagram was snapped up its users were valued at $30 and then when Whatsapp was bought by Facebook it valued each of us at around $42” -
How much is your audiences and your companies opinions and clicks worth? Currently we are giving them away for free to others who could be making trillions in the next few years.

Story 3:

Those of us who have just upgraded from SCART leads may be worried to hear that we may all need to invest in HDMI 2.0 (and after that who knows).

With 4K to be common place in the next few years and Super Hi Viz already used at the 2012 Olympics (in London) the HDMI cable may not be the cable of choice for long.

I watched the closing ceremony for the 2012 Games in Super Hi Viz which was 16x higher definition than HD. It was clear instantly that that Super Hi Viz was the future for broadcasting. Especially considering home much money and effort was being ploughed into the medium by major broadcasters.

So with super hi viz thundering towards us at a starting pace it wont be long before your HDMI lead will in to be dumped into the old wires tub with your Nokia 3310 charger and your Nintendo 64 controller.

So over the next few years until we all have access to Super Hi Viz I wouldn't get too attached to any of wires or hardware that hits the shops.

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