Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Have you left it too late to make a success out of YouTube?

Have you ever wanted to make a living out of creating TV shows for YouTube? 

If so, you may need to jump on that band waggon sooner than you think as the big boys are buying up the market at an alarming rate.

This week it was reviled (on the Telegraph web site) that "BSkyB has invested $7m (£4.3m) in Whistle Sports, an American start-up that runs a sports network on YouTube".

Plus Google has announced that it will split up music from it's other content to take on Spotify and it also plans to create a subscription based YouTube channel similar Netflix.

However according to telegraph.co.uk “The free-to-use, ad-funded service is expected to continue alongside the subscription version".

With more and more of the big broadcasters investing in YouTube and other online OnDemand Digital platforms and with more controls and structure being invested in Youtube as a platform it's looking like it's now or never for small independent content creators.

Historically (in broadcasting)with greater control and structure comes a higher barrier to entry. 

Will the changes make it harder for those who want to make their mark in an increasingly busy digital market?

Could we see smaller indie producers being pushed out of the market by the big boys and girls with larger production and distribution budgets? 

Only time will tell.

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