Friday, 14 November 2014

The MYOB Show for Week Ending 14.11.2014

On The MYOB Show this week we find out the weeks biggest social media, tech, digital content creation and online broadcasting news.


Facebook is now allowing it's UK users to choose what ads they want to see. Which is a nice idea to allow users the chance to have more control over the ads on their time line. However as tech web site points out "Facebook can also use your feedback to learn more about your likes and dislikes."

According to an article on the a report by OFCOM has found that the UK mobile operator "EE has fastest downloads but Three is best for web browsing".  

Plus in other mobile news low-cost mobile operator GiffGaff has finally joined the 4G. 

 And finally film star Jennifer Lawrence has said she "will never get Twitter" on BBC radio 1. Is this a one off or are stars getting tired of being in the spot light 24/7?... only time will tell
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