Tuesday, 23 December 2014

MYOB Show - EU rules on Google, Facebook Dislike Button & Online Fail Success

On The MYOB Show this week we find out the weeks top tech, online and content creation news!

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The EU wants to break up Google and cost it a fortune. Find out why Spanish Google News vanishing is potentially the tip of the iceberg and how the rules could affect you in the future!

Facebook thinking about 'dislike' button (well kind of) and if they "man up" and get one how will that change how you make your content?

Plus we discover if making an online fail could be the key to a viral success!

Find out all you need to succeed in the digital age via The MYOB Show.

The MYOB Show and Mind Your Own business Podcast is hosted by Dom O'Neill M.A. - a talk radio host and a freelancer media professional with 10 years broadcast experience.

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