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What is The MYOB Media satisfaction guarantee?

 We are sure you will love what we create for you and your business. We are so proud of our work that we offer a 100% money back guarantee! If you are not 100% satisfied by the 1st sample video we offer you we will work with you till you are happy. If in the unlikely event that you are still not happy, we will delete the video and refund you 100% of your money.

Is short better than long?

We are all busy and your customer are no exception. No-one wants to sit through a rambling and long winded sales videos. People want answers to their questions and they want them now.

Our videos are snappy, to the point and professionally crafted. They give your customers what they need to know and what you want to tell them.

Why MYOB Media?

Unlike many multimedia companies our web videos are created by professionals who have worked for many years in TV and radio. We know how to tell your story successfully. We know what looks good, what sounds good and importantly we will work with you to ensure you create what your business needs.

Why Web Video Testimonial Videos?

Well crafted web video testimonials can help you and your business attract more customers, sell more and become more successful.

Potential customers want to hear that they are making the right decision buying from you. What better way to prove that than to let other satisfied customers do the talking for you?

How can Quality testimonial videos increase brand and product awareness?
New and current customers customers can see for themselves how your business and products have helped others and how they could be helped if they buy from you.

What can MYOB Media web videos help with?

 Want to up your sales? Want to extend the reach of your company? Want to build a brand successfully? Want your company to be the business your customers automatically think of?
Want to do all this on a budget that wont break the bank? MYOB Media web video can help, call 07790281012 to find out more.

Why choose our mini online web videos?

 Why pay for a 30 minute corporate DVD which no-one has time to watch?

Why not break it down - say what you customers are wanting to hear in small shareable bite-sized chunks.

Don't waste time and money on a costly DVD release. Broadcast your content Online and OnDemand so your customers can find out what they want at a time, place, platform and device that suits them.

Whether you want to go low key, friendly and "home made" or a super slick and super glossy we can make our videos to suit you. All our web video testimonials are HD and offer the highest quality. Our web videos are professionally edited on time every time.

How can MYOB Media web videos increase respectability of your business and products?

 A personal referral or recommendation from a real customer is far more powerful a selling tool than any other type of paid for publicity. Our videos will give your web site the edge over your competition.

Can web videos reduce buyer anxiety?

 Our web videos can help break a barrier between you and a sale. Professionally produced video reduce buyer anxiety as your customers can see and hear how great your company really is form the mouths of real people (just like your customers).

Why do web videos do so well in web 2.0 (The visual web)?

The digital world is a visual world, good quality web videos give your customers the quality visual content, help and answers they now expect from all business online.

Why do your web site and your customers need web video testimonials?

Web videos can work for you answering potential customer questions and needs even when you are out of the office.

Web videos can ask questions of your customers to make them realise that your company or product has the answer they didn't even know they needed.

Be a viral success story and become a bigger part of the digital age. Web videos give your online presence a boost as videos are shareable and can be integrated with ease into web sites, blogs and social media.

Go viral, satisfied customers can share your videos and help you promote your business and products even while you sleep.

Our web video testimonials can help with SEO (search engine optimization) as targeted and relevant Web videos with SEO friendly titles can help your content appear higher up the first page of Google, Bing and the other search engine results.

Call MYOB Media on 07790281012 to find out how we can give you what you need to succeed in the digital age! 

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