Monday, 23 March 2015

Isn't it Time Your Business Got a Web Video

Are web videos really as powerful as everyone says? 

 Answer... Yes!

  When your customers read the copy (the writing) on your website they will typically remember 25% of what they have read. 

Thanks to PSE (Pictorial Supremacy Effect) your customers will typically remember 65% of the facts they see in a web video

If your videos include a call to action such as “call now” or “follow us on Twitter” your customers are four times more likely to get in touch.

  Which you can then turn into sales!

  Is now the time to get a web video?

  As the saying goes... 

If you see a bandwagon it's too late

Recent history has shown that the early adopters of new digital technology make the biggest gains. Companies such as Netflix and Spotify were relatively unknown 5 years ago but are now household names – they saw an opening in the digital market place, got in early and are now market leaders in their fields. The same can't be said for their business rivals Blockbuster and HMV.

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